UFC: Dana White’s Contender Series October 10, 2023 Results

UFC: Dana White’s Contender Series October 10, 2023 Results

UFC Dana White’s Contender Series week ten is here. This is the season finale of Dana White’s Contender Series and we have an action packed six fight show.  

Another great week of fights, with 12 fighters going to battle for a UFC contract in our season finale, and it impressed beyond belief for the final episode. 

Dana White’s Contender Series Results

Lucas Rocha def. Davi Bittencourt via Knockout (Knee, Round 2)

Bittencourt came out swinging early and immediately transitioned into a takedown. Rocha defended it at first, but Bittencourt was able to execute the takedown and took the back of Rocha. Bittencourt landed some ground and pound but Rocha was able to get back up, before being taken back down immediately. Every time Rocha was able to get back up, Bittencourt was able to get him right back down. Bittencourt tried for a late rear naked choke attempt, but Rocha was able to break free as the round came to an end. As round two began, Bittencourt was focused on doing exactly what he did in round one, and he shot for a takedown. Rocha was able to defend it, so Bittencourt leaned in for a left shot, seemingly to transition for another takedown, but this time, Rocha saw it coming clear as day and threw a knee up the middle to get the knockout victory just 18 seconds into round two via knee strike. Lucas Rocha was awarded a UFC contract, congratulations! 

Marquel Mederos def. Issa Isakov via Knockout  (Knee, Round 1)

Mederos started off with some leg kicks early, but Isakov wasn’t having it, he immediately shot for a takedown, though he failed, he didn’t take the back in a standing position and continued to work the position, trying to get his opponent down. Mederos broke free and started to unload his hands, and he was catching Isakov with almost every shot, while also mixing in leg kicks. Mederos started backing Isakov up against the cage with his striking, so Isakov seemingly leaned in for a takedown, but Mederos threw a knee up the middle and gets the knockout finish. Two knee finishes in a row! Mederos gets it done in one. Marquel Mederos was awarded a UFC contract, congratulations!

Torrez Finney def. Yuri Panferov via Submission (Rear Naked Choke, Round 2)

Yuri started off hot with some nice strikes, and Finney wasn’t having any of it, so he picked Yuri up off his feet, walked him half way across the cage and slammed him. Yuri tried to work his way back up, but Finney just wouldn’t let it happen. He wrestled him down and stayed on top of him the entire round. In the second round, Finney decided to throw some punches leading to a takedown and he cracked Yuri twice before getting a takedown. Yuri worked his way back up against the cage, but Finney picked him up and slammed him back down. Finney then took the back, and was working for a submission. It took him a bit to get, but then he locked in the rear naked choke in order to get the tap to remain undefeated. Torrez Finney was not awarded a UFC contract, Dana believes he needs more experience, and he will bring him back after he gets some more fights. 

Connor Matthews def. Jair Farias via Unanimous Decision.

Both men started with a bit of a feeling out process, but Farias started to throw some leg kicks, so, Matthews had the read on it and got a takedown. Matthews worked to get position on the ground, but Farias got up. When he did, Matthews landed a big left hand and had Farias backing up. Matthews was landing some body kicks to the right side, and it was clearly bothering Farias, but he began to land some leg kicks back, and towards the end of the first round, it seemed as if Farias hurt Matthews lead leg. But, he survived the first round, getting a takedown right as the bell sounded. Matthews came out in the second round and was still a little shaky on his lead leg. Farias noticed it and went in for the kill, but Matthews landed a nice shot that wobbled Farias and had him backing up. Both men really started to pick up the pace with the striking and then Matthews landed another big takedown. Matthews tried for a Triangle, but Farias was able to slip out and get back up. But, Matthews went right back on the wrestling attack and had Farias breathing heavy. They went back to the feet to strike, and it was very clear that Farias’ punches were losing steam as he was breathing hard. Matthews landed a flying knee as the round came to and end, but Farias survived. In the third and final round, they traded strikes back and forth and at first, Matthews was landing the harder shots. But, Farias landed a good one and had Matthews backing up momentarily before shooting for another takedown and got it. Farias continued to get back up, and was landing some nice strikes on the feet, but Matthews continued to push for the wrestling. Both men were exhausted at this point and with 40 seconds left, they started to just trade shots back and forth until the round came to an end. The judges scored the fight 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 all in favor of Connor Matthews. Dana White awarded Connor Matthews a UFC contract, congratulations! 

Andre Lima def. Rickson Zenidim via Unanimous Decision.

Lima started things off with some nice leg kicks, and then started to really focus on the legs and body. Lima had Zenidim backing up for more than half of the round, but then Zenidim tried for a takedown, but Lima stopped it and continued to have Zenidim backing up. Zenidim tried for another takedown with 45 seconds left, but it was blocked again. Lima was landing some jabs and connecting to the body as the round ended. The second round was nearly identical to the first in the opening minutes. Lima had Zenidim backing up, and when he tried to get a takedown, it failed. Lima was landing some nice leg kicks and Zenidim was just moving around the cage side to side. As the round was coming to an end, it was mentioned that Zenidim only threw 18 total strikes thus far. In the third and final round, Zenidim seemingly had some more urgency and was letting his hands go.  But, he was kicked below the belt and had some time to recover. When we came back, Zenidim went for a takedown but it was Lima who ended up securing it. He was landing some ground and pound and tried for a few submissions but wasn’t successful as the round ended. The judges scored it 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 for Andre Lima. Dana White awarded Andre Lima a UFC contract, congratulations! 

Ramon Taveras def. Cortavious Romious via TKO (Punches, Round One) 

Both men came out throwing head as soon as the round started, and they traded shots until Taveras put down Romious in just 29 seconds and got the TKO victory with some follow up shots. Quick finish in the main event and it was quite literally non-stop action for every second of it. Ramon Taveras was awarded a UFC contract, congratulations! 

Five fighters were awarded a contract tonight out of six fights, sadly, one winner didn’t get the contract, but will be back eventually. This is the season finale of an incredible season with a record breaking amount of Dana White Contender Series signings with 47 individuals being signed off of this season. To add to that, 20 of the 47 contracts were for Brazilian fighters. An insane season, and we will be back next year for more!

By: Brady Alexander

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