Michael ‘Venom’ Page Wants A Top 10 UFC Welterweight

Michael ‘Venom’ Page Wants A Top 10 UFC Welterweight

Michael ‘Venom’ Page, also known as ‘MVP’, is the hottest free agent in the MMA market right now. The former Bellator champion has wowed crowds with his unique and exciting fighting style and now, he can show up where he wants. 

Earlier this summer, Page’s Bellator contract ran up, and he elected to become a free agent and test the waters. He hasn’t signed anywhere just yet, but he does have big goals, and if he were to sign with UFC, he wants big fights immediately. 

Michael ‘Venom’ Page sat down with David Adesanya, the brother of UFC Champion Israel Adesanya on his ‘FREESTYLEBENDER’ YouTube channel for an interview. During this, David asked if he were to join UFC, would he want a top 15 fight first or fight someone unranked to get his feet wet. 

Michael ‘Venom’ Page Wants A Top 10 UFC Fighter

Page replied; “I want top five. Top ten, max. I don’t feel like I need to prove myself all over again. I don’t need to do that, I just want to go in there and, you know, we’ve seen it with the likes of Michael Chandler, he went in there, he fought a top ten, I think he was top ten at the time, Dan Hooker, great, you know, great first win for him that just sprung him into title contention. That is the route I see myself and I don’t see it in any other way, I don’t need a warm up fight, I don’t need that, It’s not like I’ve been out of the game for ages, I’m ready to go now.” 

Michael ‘Venom’ Page is looking to take the world by storm if he enters the UFC, and prove he is one of the best in the world. Stephen Thompson is currently ranked number seven in the UFC Welterweight division, and that’s a dream fight many fans have wanted for MVP for a long time. But, that’s if he joins the company. 

Michael reiterated in the interview that Bellator is still not completely off of the table and if they come with a big offer, there’s a chance he re-signs. Though, many fans are foaming from the mouth about the prospect of Venom Page entering a UFC octagon and it seems like we may have to wait a little longer until a decision is final.

By: Brady Alexander

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