Dana White In Talks With Conor McGregor For Potential Return

Dana White In Talks With Conor McGregor For Potential Return

Could we finally be seeing Conor McGregor return to a UFC octagon in 2024? It feels now like we’ve heard this every other month for the past two years since McGregor has been out of the UFC, but this time, Dana White has spoken out about it. So, 2024 may be the year the ‘Mac’ returns to the UFC cage. 

Conor McGregor 2024 Return?

Conor McGregor has not been seen in UFC for over two years after he broke his leg in a fight with Dustin Poirier. The injury required surgery and rehab, and had McGregor on the shelf. Then, earlier this year, Conor McGregor & Michael Chandler were the head coaches for the most recent season of The Ultimate Fighter and it seemed like these two were destined to battle it out. But, that didn’t happen after McGregor was revealed to not even be in the drug testing pool. Rumors of the fight happening in December then spread after Conor finally got into the testing pool, but as UFC’s final 2023 event already happened, clearly that wasn’t the case. 

Conor has been everywhere but UFC though, as he went face to face with Mike Perry in a BKFC ring to tease the fans, then he showed his face at multiple big Boxing events across the world and even had a face off in a boxing ring with fellow UFC star Petr Yan, seemingly to set up that as a boxing fight sometime next year. Whether that’s actually happening or not remains to be seen. But, McGregor has just been showing his face any and everywhere he can, except UFC. Conor even showed up as a fan to the most recent Anthony Joshua fight last weekend where he defeated Otto Wallin. While at the event, Mcgregor spoke to talkSPORT where he said;  “Get me back in there, the Mac has lots to offer and loads to deliver. They are talking Manny here in Saudi. The lads in the UFC aren’t really talking any. So, the lads here are talking Manny, the UFC aren’t talking any. Give me something. I’m supposed to be back in April. It was supposed to be December!” 

He continued on; “For all the figures I’ve brought in this game, I sell more than all of them combined. No one in the history of the fight game has been treated the way I’ve been getting treated at this minute. From what I came through, to what I bring. They f****** should open the floodgates for me. I’m waiting! And my patience is wearing thin on me waiting.” Now, it seems maybe we finally have some light at the end of the tunnel in regards to Conor McGregor heading back to UFC. UFC President, Dana White, went live on Instagram. While on, someone asked about to status of McGregor and UFC, to which Dana replied; “We talked tonight. I’m in Abu Dhabi, he’s in Dubai. We’re gonna figure something out. We’re talking.” 

It’s not much, but it’s something. With Dana and McGregor finally meeting face to face to talk business; surely something will get done and we could see Conor back in 2024. He’s seemingly very eager to fight, and surely Dana would love to have his cash-cow back in the company. But, when could this be? Dana has previously mentioned that it probably won’t be on UFC 300 in April, so maybe Summer 2024 could be the Return Of The Mac. 

From: Brady Alexander

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