Frank Warren explodes at Simon Jordan over Tyson Fury image

Frank Warren explodes at Simon Jordan over Tyson Fury

In an interview with TalkSport’s Jim White and Simon Jordan, Hall of Fame boxing promoter Frank Warren explodes at Simon Jordan when Jordan criticised Fury’s post-fight antics, including when ‘The Gypsy King’ suggested Oleksandr Usyk only won their clash for the Undisputed title as a result of the horrific conflict ongoing in the Ukraine.

Saturday night saw Oleksandr Usyk move to 22-0 after defeating Fury by split decision in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In what was a thrilling fight, the Ukrainian almost stopped the man from Morecambe in the ninth round, in which the ref called a knockdown after ‘The Gypsy King’ was held up by the ropes as a result of Usyk’s onslaught. The Brit now sits at 34-1-1 and had some interesting words to say in his post-fight interview.

After the gruelling contest, the eccentric Fury notably shouted ‘Happy New Year’, despite it being mid-May, but what got fans and critics heated was Fury’s accusations that, ‘I believe I won that fight. His country is at war, so people are siding with the country at war.’

Frank Warren explodes at Simon Jordan

In his appearance on Talksport’s radio show today, Frank Warren responded to Jordan’s criticism of Fury’s baseless accusations, suggesting that as a result of Fury’s Bipolar Disorder, he comes out with some things that he doesn’t necessarily mean. He said: “Tyson is bipolar…a serious mental illness…and it includes things like mania, feeling very happy, overjoyed, talking quickly, feeling full of energy, easily irritated or agitated, dealing with suicidal feelings.”

Jordan took issue with this suggestion, and the two came to blows with Jordan suggesting Warren was attempting to excuse bad behaviour and that Fury should know better than to comment things like that, and to instead be gracious in defeat. Warren refuted Jordan’s sentiment, telling him ‘it’s a real condition’ and to look it up on the NHS website. Jordan said, “When Tyson and those around him go off with insulting and disrespectful and diminishing comments about others, everyone’s just got to accept it and say, ‘Okay, Tyson Fury’s got bipolar, so we just price that in?'”.

He continued: “I understand that Tyson has bipolar, but it doesn’t mean everyone must accept his insulting behaviour without any criticism.”

It seems listeners agreed with Jordan, with one tweeting the following:

The interview soon calmed down, with Warren going on to express Fury’s disappointment at his loss, and telling the hosts that he had Fury winning when he scored the fight himself, something both Jordan and White also disagreed with.

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