Prince Patel Doubts Sunny Edwards Can Become a Star

Prince Patel Doubts Sunny Edwards And Isaac Lowe Can Become Stars

Prince Patel is a controversial figure in British boxing, known for his outspokenness and ambition to become a star both within and outside of boxing. In this interview, he discusses his career, his path to getting a world title shot, and his perspective on the sport and its promotion.

He highlights that he did not know much about fighters in his division until he turned pro, after which he had to study the divisions he was in. Patel sees himself as a controversial figure in boxing and believes this has helped to generate interest in his fights. He compares boxing to movies and theater, where there are good and bad characters, and sees himself playing the “bad guy” to generate interest.

Patel discusses his decision to fight abroad instead of in the UK and his desire to return and fight in the UK more frequently. He explains that he feels he deserves to be on TV, as he believes he can generate more buzz than other fighters. He’s confident in his record and abilities.

Asked about his plans if he hadn’t gone into boxing, Patel admits that he often questions whether he made the right choice. He mentions that his siblings are very educated and have good jobs, and he sometimes feels like a letdown in comparison. If he wasn’t boxing, he imagines he might have gone into modeling or acting.

Patel is clear that his ultimate goal is to win a world title. He believes that his other accomplishments in boxing do not hold as much significance. He discusses potential fights in the works for the coming months, including a “big dance” in the UK in September that he hopes will be for a world title.

Prince Patel criticizes the way some promoters have treated him, feeling that he was not pushed as much as other fighters. He sees boxing as a business first and a sport second and believes that more should be done to make professional boxing entertaining.

He ends the interview with a controversial statement about fellow boxers Sunny Edwards and Isaac Lowe. He doubts their ability to become stars outside of boxing, asserting that to be a pay-per-view star, one needs to be a household name. He contrasts himself with them, saying that he has what it takes to be a star both in and outside of boxing.

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