Will Ospreay And Zack Sabre Jr. To Clash At Royal Quest III news

Will Ospreay And Zack Sabre Jr. To Clash At Royal Quest III

NJPW’s Destruction in Kobe event has come to an end and, with Will Ospreay’s first IWGP US (UK) Heavyweight Championship title defense having been successful, his next challenger awaits him at Royal Quest III.

Will Ospreay Puts His IWGP UK Heavyweight Championship On The Line Against ZSJ

Will Ospreay is currently in his second reign as the IWGP US Heavyweight Champion and is currently just over 90 days as the titleholder. With this reign, Ospreay decided to label the title the IWGP UK Heavyweight Championship, although NJPW still refers to it as the IWGP US Heavyweight Championship.

Zack Sabre Jr. is the current and inaugural NJPW World Television Champion having had 14 successful title defences to bring his reign up to over 263 days. Now, he looks to claim the IWGP UK Heavyweight Championship as his own.

NJPW’s next international event will be Royal Quest III, which is set to take place at the Copper Box Arena in London, England. It appears that the main event will witness ‘The Aerial Assassin’ put his title on the line against Sabre in an all-British home ground cannot-miss contest.

Ospreay and Sabre are arguably two of the best wrestlers from the United Kingdom. The two British stars have had their fair share of meetings over the years, and they are set to meet once again. The two quickly agreed to meet at Royal Quest III before getting into a contest of one-upmanship.

There are just under three weeks to go until that event, and there is no doubt that both Ospreay and Sabre will continue their build-up over that time.

By Chinyere Okafor

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