Adam Cole Set To Make DPW Debut In November

Adam Cole Set To Make DPW Debut In November

Adam Cole is coming to Deadlock Pro Wrestling, BayBay! It was revealed that on November 12th, Adam Cole will step foot in a DPW ring for the first time against the debuting Chris Danger.

Adam Cole Makes DPW Debut November 12th

Chris Danger, also known as Chris Denker, started off his career as a YouTuber on his DenkOps channel playing wrestling video games and gaining a following of over one million subscribers. Chris then took the leap and joined DPW as a manager, and has been consistently apart of the show since close to the beginning of Deadlock Pro Wrestling’s start. Now, he’s stepping into the ring as a performer and going from Chris Danger the created video game wrestler, to Chris Danger the real life pro.

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Adam Cole, fellow pro wrestler and gaming streamer, has been friends with Chris for years and years. Often doing streams and playing games together, it was only right that Chris called out Adam Cole for his debut match a few months ago. Now, the challenge has been answered. The current AEW star and one half of the ROH Tag Team Champions has accepted Chris Danger’s challenge.

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November 12th DPW will be the home of Chris Danger’s debut match against none other than Adam Cole.

From: Brady Alexander

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