Ring Of Honor Results - May 11, 2023

Ring Of Honor Results – May 11, 2023

Ring Of Honor is back for the eleventh episode on HonorClub. Tonight’s show has two championship matches as Women’s Champion Athena defends against Skye Blue. Plus, Ring Of Honor TV Champion Samoa Joe defends his title against Blake Christian. We kick the show off with Shane Taylor vs. Mark Briscoe.

The Women’s Championship Match is our main event. Athena has been on one hell of a warpath as the champion and has taken care of all challengers. But, Skye Blue has been on a little hot streak.

Athena started off hot and just drilled Skye in the face with a forearm. That certainly woke her up. But, Athena still had the best of her for the early goings in the match, even dumping her hard onto the outside. Skye started to battle back at ringside and threw Athena head-first into the steel steps.

Both ladies fought to the top of the stage. Skye tried to throw Athena off the stage, but things backfired and Blue was sent crashing down hard to the floor below. The action eventually got back into the ring and the champion was all over the challenger.

Skye was trying to catch Athena off guard with a series of roll-up pins but was unsuccessful. She followed up with a big cross-body off the top rope for a near fall. She tried to follow up, but Athena just wouldn’t stay down. Skye Blue tried for another cross-body but was caught and dropped with a backbreaker. 

Athena hit Skye’s own finisher on her, but when it failed, Skye hit Athena with her own finisher and almost had it won. Skye took a high risk and tried to go up top, but Athena stopped her and power-bombed Blue to the outside onto the steel steps. It was all but over now, Athena followed up with a cross face and made Skye tap out for the win and to retain her Women’s Championship.

Athena beat down Skye after the match to add insult to injury.

Ring Of Honor Results

You can see the full results from tonight’s Ring Of Honor episode below.

  • Mark Briscoe defeats Shane Taylor
  • Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler YUTA defeat Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus
  • ROH TV Championship: Samoa Joe(c) defeats Blake Christian
  • The Righteous defeats The Infantry
  • Robyn Renegade defeats Vertvixen
  • Willie Mack defeats Ninja Mack
  • The Embassy defeats Adam Priest, Lucky Ali & Victor Benjamin
  • Kyle Fletcher defeats Tony Deppen
  • AR Fox defeats Anthony Henry
  • Dark Order defeats Sonny Kiss, Jeeves Kay, Slim J & Show Woods 
  • Ring Of Honor Women’s Championship: Athena(c) defeats Skye Blue 

By: Brady Alexander

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