Ring Of Honor Results: July 13, 2023

Ring Of Honor Results: July 13, 2023

Ring Of Honor is back for the twentieth episode on HonorClub. Tonight’s show is kicking off with Big Bill taking on Serpentico. Plus, a huge six-man tag team championship main event when the Mogul Embassy defends against Matt Sydal, Christopher Daniels, and Darius Martin. 

Kaun and Christopher Daniels kick off the match, Kaun started off hot and had the advantage early. But, the veteran in Christopher Daniels started to fight back and tagged in Matt Sydal, who had Kaun flying all around before tagging in Darius Martin. 

The isolation of Kaun was rough, but he finally tagged in Toa Liona, who started to take control. Suddenly, the tides started to turn and The Embassy started to cut the ring off and isolate Christopher Daniels with quick tags in and out. 

It seemed as if every time team Sydal started to get a little steam, Mogul Embassy shut them right back down. Even with Matt Sydal and co doing their best to keep Brian Cage down, it just wasn’t enough. In the end, the Drill Claw by Brian Cage on Sydal led the Mogul Embassy to victory. 

Ring Of Honor Results

You can see the full results from tonight’s Ring Of Honor episode below.

  • Big Bill defeats Serpentico
  • Athena defeats Ava Lawless
  • The Righteous & Stu Grayson defeat Evan Rivers, Levi Knight & Michael Clark
  • Leyla Hirsch defeats Bambi Hall
  • Dalton Castle defeats Tony Nese
  • Shane Taylor defeats Shawn Dean
  • The Kingdom defeats The Boys 
  • Six-Man Tag Team Championships: The Mogul Embassy(c) defeats Matt Sydal, Christopher Daniels & Darius Martin

By: Brady Alexander

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