List Of Most Recent WWE Releases (SEPTEMBER 2023)

List Of Most Recent WWE Releases (SEPTEMBER 2023)

Following the WWE-UFC merger deal to form TKO Group Holdings, the WWE began releasing off-screen employees. As of September 21, they have now begun releasing on-screen talent.

WWE last had mass releases during the pandemic time and, since then, there have been sporadic releases. For the most part, wrestlers’ contracts have been expiring without renewal and that is how they have been exiting the company. As such, it comes as a shock for many within.

It is expected that the 90-day non-compete clause will come into effect for all the released wrestlers. At present, only talent from the main roster have been confirmed to be released but, as per Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, NXT cuts may be coming soon too.

Here is the ongoing and updated list of wrestlers released as the news comes in.

WWE Releases 2023

Mustafa Ali



Rick Boogs


Riddick Moss

Top Dolla (of Hit-Row)

Shelton Benjamin

Dolph Ziggler




Matt Riddle

NXT Releases 2023

Quincy Elliot

Bryson Montana

Dana Brooke


Yulisa León

Daniel McArthur

Kevin Ventura-Cortez

Alexis Gray

Brooklyn Barlow

Ikemen Jiro

By Chinyere Okafor