Logan Paul announcing the CryptoZoo NFT buy-back program

Logan Paul Announces CryptoZoo NFT Buy-Back Program

Logan Paul Addressing the CryptoZoo Controversy

In a significant move to address the challenges surrounding his NFT project, CryptoZoo, social media influencer Logan Paul has announced a major buy-back program. “Today, I am incredibly happy to announce that I am delivering on my promise to buy back Base Egg and Base Animal CryptoZoo NFTs for their original purchase price,” said Paul. This initiative, aimed at providing restitution to the participants of the project, is accessible through EGGNFTBUYBACK.COM, with the submission window open until February 8.

Paul expressed his commitment to the project and its community, stating, “I approached the CryptoZoo project like everything else I am passionate about – with only the best possible intentions and success for everyone who shared our vision.”

Despite not profiting from the venture, Paul revealed that he invested heavily in the project, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. He is now dedicating over $2.3 million to the buy-back program, a gesture aimed at compensating those who had faith in CryptoZoo’s potential.

Legal Actions and Project Challenges

The journey of CryptoZoo was marred by internal challenges and alleged misconduct by certain individuals involved in the project. “As I said a year ago, CryptoZoo was derailed by bad actors. Bad actors who DID steal money and who betrayed our team while internally sabotaging the game,”

Paul asserted. Following an extensive investigation, which included forensic analysis of blockchain activity and thorough communication reviews, Paul has taken legal steps to hold these individuals accountable. He has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Texas, with the 25-page lawsuit available for public viewing.

Regarding the game itself, Paul provided an update, “As far as the game itself, unfortunately it will not be released.” Despite a $400,000 investment and its completion in early 2023, the game faced regulatory hurdles that Paul had not anticipated, leading to the decision not to proceed with its release.

Focus of the Buy-Back Program

Paul emphasized the specific intent of the buy-back program, stating, “This buy-back is a way for me to make whole those who intended to play CryptoZoo.” He clarified that the program is not designed to compensate those who speculated in the crypto market and incurred losses. This aligns with the original intent of the Zoo Token, which, as per the project’s WhitePaper, was not meant to be an investment vehicle but a support mechanism for the game and its players.

The CryptoZoo controversy and subsequent buy-back program by Logan Paul mark a significant event in the NFT space, reflecting both the challenges and responsibilities faced by project creators. As the situation evolves, the community continues to observe how such initiatives might shape the future of NFT projects and digital asset responsibility.

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