Former Tyson Fury Opponent Criticizes Crossover Fight with Francis Ngannou

Former Tyson Fury Opponent Criticizes Crossover Fight with Francis Ngannou

The upcoming clash between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou hasn’t been without its critics since being announced. Recently, Otto Wallin, a former opponent of Fury, voiced his opinion towards this anticipated crossover event in an interview with Seconds Out.

Not Impressed With Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou

Wallin noted that he might watch the fight “if he has the time,” adding, “I probably won’t buy it but I don’t know if it’s a pay-per-view or not.” The heavyweight boxer criticized the matchup as a potential “easy fight” and a “big spectacle” centred more around profit than the genuine competition.

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He conveyed his disappointment at not seeing Tyson Fury defend his title against a contender ranked within the WBC, stating, “It’s too bad because it might be about making a lot of money, but I would have liked to see him fight a real boxer and somebody ranked in the WBC.”

Otto Wallin’s comments reflect a segment of the boxing community that prefers traditional matchups over high-profile crossover events, which have been stirring both anticipation and scepticism among enthusiasts. But, recently Tyson Fury has been vocal on the fact that he may consider further ‘crossover’ fights in the future.

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The question is, would the WBC allow that too?

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