Eddie Hearn Likens Conor Benn's License Situation to Tyson Fury's

Eddie Hearn Likens Conor Benn’s License Situation to Tyson Fury’s

Eddie Hearn provided detailed insights on the current standing of Conor Benn’s boxing license with the British Boxing Board of Control in a recent conversation on the DAZN Boxing Show, likening it to Tyson Fury’s license status.

Following Chris Eubank’s recent victory, which Eddie Hearn sees as rejuvenating the momentum for a Conor Benn vs. Chris Eubank Jr. showdown, Hearn commented, “Victory was unexpected but it was also welcomed. Some people liken the size of it to Fury vs. AJ. It’s not far behind.” He revealed that there were ongoing meetings in London just today about the fight, which is just 3 days after Chris Eubank’s victory over Liam Smith.

Addressing Conor Benn’s ‘year-and-a-half’ hiatus and the ‘confusion’ surrounding where he can and cannot fight next, Hearn clarified, “After the WBC hearing, he was reinstated into the rankings. He went through the UKAD process and the British Boxing Board Of Control process. He had a hearing, won the hearing, and his suspension was lifted. Meaning that he could now apply for his license in England and where he is currently licensed, which is in America. He is cleared to fight because he’s no longer suspended.”

However, Hearn highlighted a point of contention. The British Boxing Board Of Control, despite losing the case, chose to appeal it. But as of now, Conor Benn isn’t suspended and is clear to fight either in the UK or the US. Hearn added, “Everyone’s very confident it’ll be exactly the same decision,” regarding the outcome of the appeal.

Eddie Hearn Likens Conor Benn’s Situation To Tyson Fury’s

Drawing a parallel to Tyson Fury’s situation, Eddie Hearn explained, “If you look at people like…Tyson Fury, who has a license with Nevada, every time he fights in the UK he asks for permission to box. He doesn’t ask for a license.” This alludes to Tyson Fury’s previous failed drug test and investigations by the British Boxing Board of Control and UKAD from 2016, which was reignited in 2020 after a 70-year-old Farmer from Preston had claimed that he was propositioned with a £25,000 incentive to provide written testimonials. These statements were intended to substantiate the argument that the presence of nandrolone occurred due to consuming meat from an uncastrated wild boar or pig. A claim the Farmer later retracted.

Where Will Conor Benn vs. Chris Eubank Take Place?

As discussions about Benn vs. Eubank Jr. intensified, Hearn reaffirmed the desire to host the bout in the UK. However, he did hint at international interest, saying, “We’ve already had two approaches in the last 24 hours from site deals that want to bring that fight to their country.” Hearn remains hopeful, concluding, “We would hope to see that fight soon.”

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