Tommy Fury DEFEATS KSI And Announces He is 'DONE With Fighting YouTubers'

Tommy Fury DEFEATS KSI And Announces He is ‘DONE With Fighting YouTubers’

Live on DAZN tonight, the eagerly-awaited showdown between KSI and Tommy Fury took center stage as the headline act of the Misfits PRIME cards. A contest that had its scrappy moments saw the judges lean towards Tommy Fury’s persistent aggression.

Tommy Fury wasted no time, piling pressure on KSI from the get-go. However, KSI countered impressively, landing clean shots of his own. A notable moment occurred just before the end of the first round when KSI was granted a brief respite after raising concerns about a shot to the back of his head from Fury.

In terms of sheer action, this fight had already outpaced the co-main event between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis before the first round was over.


The second round was a mirror image of the first, with punches flying from both camps. Tommy Fury maintained a composed approach while KSI seemed to goad him, moving with flair. Controversially, Fury was penalized a point for another alleged strike to the back of KSI’s head.

KSI’s strategy in the second seemed to revolve around swinging, with one particular punch finding its mark on Fury. Yet, Tommy held his ground, unfazed, and pressed on. The two frequently clinched, evidently wary of giving their opponent an opening.

By the third round, if the previous tight rounds had gone to KSI, Tommy Fury was looking at a potential 3-point deficit. Known more for his technique than power, Fury found it challenging to disrupt KSI’s nimble footwork and disruptive tactics. The round concluded with Fury in the dominant role, but the question lingered: Was KSI edging these close exchanges?

The fourth round continued in much the same vein, with Tommy often taking the initiative only for KSI to tie him up, showcasing his own flashier style. A volley of clean shots from both fighters marked the round’s close, further complicating the scoring conundrum.

By the fifth, the intensity ramped up. Both fighters, still looking fresh, traded blows with conviction. Throughout, Fury’s role as the primary aggressor was evident. But with the rounds being so closely contested, the point deduction in the second round loomed large as a potential decider.

The final round was tinged with frustration as it echoed the patterns of the previous ones. The verdict seemed to lean towards KSI’s nuanced approach and the judges appeared to be swayed by his landed punches. Tommy Fury’s earlier point deduction certainly didn’t do him any favours in this closely-fought contest, but he still came out with the win.

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