Oleksandr Usyk Energy Capsule - Allegations Surrounding Mid-Round Controversy

Oleksandr Usyk Energy Capsule – Allegations Surrounding Mid-Round Controversy

The fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, ended with Usyk claiming a 12-round split-decision victory. Amid the celebrations of Usyk’s performance, allegations have arisen suggesting that an Oleksandr Usyk energy capsule may have been used to enhance his performance during crucial moments.

Fury vs Usyk Winner

The fight in Riyadh was a huge spectacle, showcasing the skills of two of the heavyweight divisions’ biggest names. Usyk, renowned for his ring intelligence and adaptability, managed to secure a victory despite Fury’s early aggression and relentless body shots. His win, achieved through a split decision after 12 gruelling rounds, solidified his reputation as a formidable force in the heavyweight division as he became the first undisputed heavyweight champion in 25 years, and the only ever in the 4 belt era.

Oleksandr Usyk Energy Capsule Speculation

Rumours started circulating shortly after the fight, suggesting that Usyk might have used an energy capsule or some kind of smelling salts to boost his performance, particularly during the mid-rounds. These allegations, however, remain speculative and lack concrete evidence. To date, no verified reports have confirmed the use of any performance-enhancing substances during the fight.

The use of energy aids or smelling salts is not new to the sport of boxing albeit with them being banned substances. Their use has been captured on video between rounds, notably in the fight between Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov and Azinga Fuzile in 2019. In this fight, after being visibly outpointed up to that point, Rakhimov appeared to be given smelling salts between rounds and went on to stop Fuzile in the following round. Here’s a view from Rakhimov’s corner:

Shavkatdzhon Rakhimov appeared to be given smelling salts in his fight against Azinga Fuzile

Boxing analysts have been quick to emphasize Oleksandr Usyk’s technical ability to outmanoeuvre Tyson Fury and superior boxing skills as his key to victory, rather than any illicit aids. Usyk’s performance in the later rounds, where he effectively countered Fury’s attacks and landed a huge offensive in the 9th round, has been widely regarded as a key turning point in the fight.

Neither Oleksandr Usyk’s camp nor the fight’s official regulators have provided any statements confirming the use of an energy capsule. The focus has largely remained on the technical aspects of the fight, Usyk’s impressive ability to adapt and overcome Fury’s physical advantages and also on whether the rematch between both fighters will actually take place in October.

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