Misfits Boxing suspended by the PB

Misfits Boxing Suspended By PBA Amid Rule Violations

The Professional Boxing Association (PBA) has taken a decisive step against Misfits Boxing by suspending its promoter license due to serious rule violations. This move comes amidst concerns of integrity within the sport and the safety of its boxers, marking a significant moment for influencer-led boxing promotions.

Latest details on Misfits Boxing Sanctioning Body

Details of Misfits Boxing Suspended By PBA

In a shocking development for fans and participants alike, the PBA cited “clear violations of the PBA’s rules, bringing boxing into disrepute and in the interest of boxer safety” as the core reasons for their action. This decision echoes similar measures taken against other influencer boxing entities, such as the recent suspension of Kingpyn by the same association.

Misfits’ Response to Their Suspension

In the wake of this development, Mams Taylor of Misfits Boxing has publicly announced their intention to align with a new governing body which could be an institute such as the WPBF or similar. The pursuit of a new licensing partnership signifies Misfits’ determination to continue their operations and maintain their position within the influencer boxing landscape. But, that doesn’t mean it is what they should do while they have unresolved cases with another body, this can only bring this type of boxing further into disrepute.

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