Misfits Boxing And PBA Severes Ties Over Internal Dispute, Who Will Be Their New Sanctioning Body?

Misfits Boxing New Sanctioning Body After Split From PBA

Misfits Boxing New Sanctioning Body After PBA Fallout

Misfits Boxing, who were recently suspended by the Professional Boxing Association (PBA) due to serious rule violations according to the PBA, is on the hunt for a new licensing partner. Amidst various speculations, the World Professional Boxing Federation (WPBF) is emerging as a potential frontrunner for this collaboration. This shift comes at a crucial time for influencer-led boxing promotions, highlighting the importance of governance and safety in the sport.

Misfits Boxing New Sanctioning Body After Split From PBA
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While WPBF leads the possibilities, Misfits Boxing is also considering other reputable bodies in professional boxing. This move is not just about finding a new regulator but also about ensuring the integrity and future success of their events. The decision they make could significantly impact the influencer boxing scene.

As Misfits navigates this transitional period, the influencer boxing community is keenly observing how they will reshape their future. Aligning with a new body like the WPBF could offer them a chance to redefine their standards and solidify their place in the boxing world.

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By Owen Yard