Highlights from Misfits Boxing 2024 Wishlist including proposed fights and events

Misfits Boxing 2024 Wishlist – Fights, Improvements, Events And More

Misfits Boxing had a mega 2023, with innovations like tag-team boxing and mega events like the PRIME CARD. With this in mind, let’s take a look ahead and see what they could and should do for 2024.

I have chosen seven different things that I’d love to see happen in 2024 involving/on Misfits Boxing. Some of them might happen and have already been teased, while others might never happen. Although if they did, it would undoubtedly greatly improve Misfits Boxing in my opinion.

Misfits Boxing to hold events in new and unique countries

So far Misfits Boxing has primarily held events in two countries, the UK and USA. However, they did have plans to hold events in places such as Spain, Australia and Canada that were delayed to 2024 due to the PRIME CARD. In 2024 it would be brilliant to see Misfits Boxing head to these new countries and tap into a new fanbase and pool of influencers who are ready to step into the ring.

Theo Baker Vs Simple Simon on the undercard of Weller Vs Behzinga

Theo Baker was one of the reasons Influencer Boxing exists in the first place. If it wasn’t for him and Joe Weller having a fun fight for a video, KSI would’ve never commented on the Instagram post and KSI Vs Joe Weller would’ve never happened leading to the explosion of the scene. He most certainly deserves at least one easy fight on a big upcoming show. And I think him vs Simple Simon would be the perfect fight for him.

Misfits Boxing – Brazil Show

The Misfits Boxing Brazil Card has been in the works for months now and is a very badly kept secret in the Misfits Boxing community. Despite this, the original planned date for the show which was rumoured to be February now seems to not be the plan. With potential fighters like Anderson Silva, and José Aldo and potential fights like Anthony Taylor Vs Gabriel Silva being on the card, this show must happen in 2024.

More traditional celebrity fights

Sadly due to the biggest names in the scene coming to the end of their influencer boxing journey like KSI and Logan Paul, while other potential stars like Salt-Papi suffered back-to-back losses massively damaging their star potential, the requirement for having more traditional celebrities on cards is higher than ever.

Back on the Misfits 004 show, Holly Willoughby was asked who shed fight to which she replied Emma Bunton. This type of fight would be perfect for a Misfits show. Or even something like Piers Morgon vs. Louis Theroux, which has been brewing for a while online.

More interaction on the DAZN app for Misfits Boxing events

A long time ago, even before the inception of Misfits Boxing, Joe Markowski said in an interview that DAZN has plans to have more unique intractability on the DAZN app itself for Boxing events that take place on the app. Which would separate them from the traditional linear programming. Unfortunately, though, this has still not come to fruition. Misfits Boxing is the absolute perfect place to add these features to the app and make PPVs for events worth buying beyond the fight content themselves.

More traditional athlete fights

As well as Misfits Boxing needing traditional celebrity fights, another way to keep the space growing and bringing in a unique audience would be to get traditional athletes to fight on Misfits Boxing, This could be athletes from any type of sport. For example, if Misfits held an event in Canada, they could have a fight between two Hocker players who don’t like each other on that show. This would bring in new fans and capture a new audience.

The Prime Card 2

Lastly, of course, another Prime Card in 2024 would be amazing. The first Prime Card was by far the best moment in Influencer Boxing in the last few years. And maybe ever. Living up to that would be hard, although it is possible by allowing fights to brew for another year and new stars to emerge to be on the card. You could even create the event around something like KSI Vs McGregor if that fight were to happen.

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By Owen Yard