Logan Paul Defeats Dillon Danis By Disqualification

Logan Paul Defeats Dillon Danis By Disqualification

In a showdown filled with drama and talk, Logan Paul found himself chanting “I forgive you” at Dillon Danis, centre-ring, setting the tone for what was to come.

The bell rang, and Round 1 was a cagey dance. Danis, almost statue-like with a high guard, threw a handful of punches while Logan, cool as ice, searched for a chink in the armour.


Banter continued to flow in Round 2. Logan, ever the aggressor, had Danis backpedalling. Those final 30 seconds? Pure dynamite. Each of Logan’s shots seemed like they might send Danis to the canvas.

Round 3 saw Danis wearing the battle on his face, puffy around the eyes. Logan, relentless, seemed to have the judges’ scorecards in his pocket.

Logan Paul Defeats Dillon Danis

But the fourth! Boos echoed around as fans voiced their disappointment. The promise of a “decapitation” from Logan turned into a surprise WWE move as Danis locked him in a headlock.

The fifth had some zest as Danis suddenly sprung to life, but no major blows landed.

Then came Round 6, and it was mayhem. Logan unloaded heavy artillery from the get-go. Then, in a move nobody saw coming, Danis went full MMA, trying to floor Logan. Security was having none of it, stepping in to break things up. A point was docked from Danis, and just when you thought it was over…CHAOS. Another takedown attempt, a flood of security, and the ring looked more like a battlefield than a boxing ring.

Fans were left deflated. Big promises from both fighters, but a match that left many yawning.

After the fight Logan Paul confirmed his return to Wrestling, and called out Rey Mysterio

The burning question now: Is there a rematch in the cards? After tonight’s fiasco, do fans even want one?

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