Frank Warren Questions Anthony Joshua's 'Lack of Ambition' in Latest Interview

Frank Warren Questions Anthony Joshua’s ‘Lack of Ambition’ in Latest Interview

Frank Warren has questioned Anthony Joshua’s “lack of ambition” in a recent interview with Seconds Out. Discussing Joshua’s decision to rematch Dillian Whyte instead of pursuing a fight with Tyson Fury, Warren expressed his dissatisfaction.

Frank Warren Fires Off At Anthony Joshua

“I’m really amazed at the lack of ambition that AJ has. I don’t understand why he isn’t fighting for a title”, Warren said. He found it particularly puzzling that in his opinion Joshua was avoiding a fight with Fury, instead opting to face Whyte.

Warren further speculated that Joshua’s decisions were financially driven, rather than stemming from a desire to reclaim his title. “It’s not about fighting for a title, it’s about money, and that is the bottom line of it,” he said. Warren criticized Joshua for ignoring the opportunity to fight at Wembley, a proposal that had been open for Fury both late last year and earlier this year.

In obvious contrast, Warren praised Fury for his willingness to fight at Wembley despite the potential for a lesser payday. “Tyson was willing to do the fights at Wembley which would have gotten less money”, he said, drawing a comparison with Joshua’s stance.

Warren’s critique of Joshua wasn’t limited to his fighting decisions; he also addressed the pricing of Joshua’s rematch with Whyte on the sports streaming service DAZN. The match, despite Joshua not being a world champion anymore, is set at a price point equal to when Joshua held the title. “You’re only going to find out if people buy it”, said Warren, indicating that the proof of its value would be in its sales.

Despite the criticisms, Warren expressed his optimism about the future of the sport, particularly in relation to Tyson Fury’s status. He indicated that the power to decide future high-profile fights would be with Fury and his team. “You’re going to have to fight Tyson. That’s where the big money is, is with Tyson”, Warren stated.

You can find the full Seconds Out interview here

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