Top Rank's Todd duBoef Weighs In On Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou

Top Rank’s Todd duBoef Weighs In On Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou

In a recent TalkSport interview, Todd Duboef, President of Top Rank Boxing, shed light on the forthcoming Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou showdown, a clash set to merge the worlds of boxing and MMA.

Top Rank President Talks About Why Fury vs Ngannou Is Happening

Duboef confirmed the match between heavyweight boxer Fury and former UFC heavyweight champion Ngannou. This unexpected bout, he explained, was more about timing and the desire for Fury to remain active than anything else. Duboef noted, “there weren’t a lot of guys…people took different fights, he had people pricing themselves out and the one thing we know is that Tyson wants to stay active and he wants to keep fighting.”

The decision to go with Ngannou came after the MMA star openly challenged several high-profile fighters, including Joshua and Wilder. The call-outs prompted negotiations which led to this crossover event, now one of the most eagerly anticipated match-ups in recent combat sports history.

Despite the unexpected pairing, Duboef dismissed the idea that the match was the result of premeditation, stating, “we all know in boxing there are no plans…you can never count on anything.” He also reassured fans that this event does not supersede more traditional boxing matches, expressing his belief that, in a perfect world, “Tyson should fight both Joshua and Usyk.”

Duboef highlighted that while the Middle Eastern revenue has indeed complicated the landscape of boxing, the shift towards the region is a trend seen across all sports, and not boxing alone. Despite this geographical pivot, Duboef maintained his optimism for big fights to occur, irrespective of the location, whether in the UK, the US, Saudi Arabia, or elsewhere.

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