Francis Ngannou Plans On Testing Anthony Joshua's Chin

Francis Ngannou Plans On Testing Anthony Joshua’s Chin

Francis Ngannou vs. Anthony Joshua is expected to go down in March in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The bout will be a 10-round Heavyweight battle between the two giants. Joshua is coming off of a win against Otto Wallin at the end of December, while Francis Ngannou is coming off of a controversial loss to Tyson Fury in October, where many believe he could’ve won the bout.

Francis Ngannou Believes He Can Knockout Anthony Joshua

Francis was confident going into the fight against Tyson Fury, and the loss didn’t hinder that confidence as he believes he can take out Joshua. While being interviewed on The MMA Hour, Francis was complimentary of his future opponent saying; “He looked amazing. Respect to him, congratulations to him. He was doing his job properly, his speed there, everything. He was sharp, very sharp. But on the other hand, I think there wasn’t a response in front of him. I think I will have a better response in front of him that will put him not in such a comfortable position. Things will change. It’s going to be different. I will not just stay there and look at him. It’s going to be different. I’m going to throw some bombs out there for him to deal with. I think he’s going to be mindful of what he’s doing.”

Ngannou continued on in the interview to say that he plans to test Anthony Joshua’s chin, because he heard that he doesn’t have one; “If AJ takes the punch that Fury took, I don’t guarantee that he’s standing up. I’ve heard that he doesn’t have a chin. I’m going to find out. [Laughs.]” He continued on; “At the end of the day, it’s great stuff for both of us, he could be my brother and I’d still fight him because it elevates us both, it elevates the sport, it elevates the continent. It’s not about a fight. You are not fighting somebody because you hate him, you fight him because it’s a challenge and the fight always elevates both fighters.”

Francis ended with the prospect of a potential rematch being the a huge bout in Africa. “Eddie Hearn said a lot of s***, but one thing he said that makes sense is maybe a potential rematch in Africa with Joshua. I think that sounds cool. We will call that Black Excellence.”

From: Brady Alexander

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