Elle Brooke Exposes Kingpyn Boxing Tournament's Controversies

Elle Brooke Exposes Kingpyn Boxing Tournament’s Controversies

In a revealing video released by Elle Brooke, a lead name in the Kingpyn high stakes boxing tournament, she laid bare the alleged unprofessional conduct and mistreatment by the tournament organizers.

Where It All Went Wrong For Kingpyn Boxing

Elle Brooke started by explaining the baffling lack of communication from the organization. “Between the first and the second Kingpyn tournament show, no fighter had any communication from the owners until two weeks before the fight… Even the amazing event staff and the social media team were in the dark,” she stated.

Highlighting the financial struggles of the event, she remarked, “We were then told that the first event didn’t do well at all and that the investors had pulled out.” Fighters were cornered into accepting a revenue share basis for their pay if they wanted the event to proceed on the platform DAZN.

Elle Brooke Was Promised a Rehydration Clause

One of the most alarming claims Brooke made was about a breached contract. “I was promised contractually a rehydration clause… there is only one reason why I would have signed up to fight a girl four weight classes above my natural weight,” she revealed. She alleges that the organization lied about this crucial clause, putting her at a disadvantage.

Additionally, she highlighted a myriad of issues, ranging from forced absences of certain fighters to inconsistent promises between fighters regarding contracts. Brooke cited, “When I signed my contract, it said 10 rounds and everyone else signed a 12-round contract.”

Despite the turmoil, Brooke hinted that she didn’t believe the organizers profited. “I do not believe they have made any money themselves. I mean, how bloody could they? But that doesn’t make the way we have all been treated any better,” she concluded.

You can watch the full video of Elle Brooke explaining her experience here

Fans of the boxing tournament, and Crossover Boxing as a whole wait to see what consequences, if any, this exposure will bring to the Kingpyn boxing tournament organizers. The question remains, is Kingpyn Boxing going to eventually let the public know why things went so wrong?

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