Cryptic Lou DiBella Dig? Eddie Hearn On Kambosos vs Hughes Aftermath, 'There's so much hypocrisy in boxing'

Cryptic Lou DiBella Dig? Eddie Hearn On Kambosos vs Hughes Aftermath, ‘There’s so much hypocrisy in boxing’

  • Georges Kambosos Was Awarded A Heavily Controversial Win Over Maxi Hughes
  • Promoter Lou DiBella, Who Reps Both Fighters, Refused To Condemn The Decision
  • Eddie Hearn Has Cryptically Lashed Out At His Old Rival Over ‘Hypocrisy’

George Kambosos scored a heavily controversial unanimous decision win over Maxi Hughes in Oklahoma to snatch the Brit’s IBO title and secure a shot at the IBF world lightweight title.

The overwhelming majority of people had Hughes well ahead with having him six points ahead at the final bell (117-111).

Kambosos got the nod though and promoter Lou DiBella, who represents both guys, was criticised for not condemning the decision, instead claiming that it was a close fight.

Eddie Hearn Criticises Lou DiBella

“There’s so much hypocrisy in boxing”, Eddie Hearn told iFL TV, “Because when it suits you people will say, ‘regardless of the result his stock rose'”

“Fuck off, that’s like winning the lottery and not finding the ticket. Your stock rises for what? For getting robbed?

“If he beat George Kambosos, he goes and fights Shakur Stevenson or someone like that for 7 figures. It’s been taken away from him.”

“So don’t tell me about his stock rising, that’s just a lie to try and suppress the situation. And you’ll say that in certain situations and then when it’s another situation, ‘it’s a robbery, this sports a joke’.”

*it must be made clear that at no point did Hearn directly reference DiBella but it was clear he was referring to a specific person and with the similarities drawn to the comments added to the pair’s back-and-forth, you could assume this was a dig at the American promoter.


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