Eddie Hearn Uncertain On The Future of Conor Benn Ahead Of UKAD Ruling

Eddie Hearn Uncertain On The Future of Conor Benn Ahead Of UKAD Ruling

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has offered an update on the ongoing controversy surrounding fighter Conor Benn and his disputed drug testing results and the anticipated ruling by UKAD after a recent hearing in a recent interview with Seconds Out.

“I don’t believe jurisdiction will play a part in the findings and I’m very confident Conor Benn will be cleared,” Hearn said during the in-depth discussion. While the exact details surrounding the situation remain confidential due to UKAD regulations, Hearn stressed the importance of patience throughout this process.

Eddie Hearn On Conor Benn UKAD Ruling

“A lot of this stuff is confidential with UKAD,” he explained. “Not our choice but part of the rules. They will do their investigation, and I don’t think jurisdiction is going to play a part in that investigation.”

However, Hearn didn’t shy away from expressing his frustration over the impact these delays have had on Benn’s career. The cloud of uncertainty continues to hang over future match-ups, and it’s clearly taken a toll. “It’s been horrible for him,” Hearn admitted. “We just have to focus on when he can return, where he can return.”

Hearn further added, “You’re supposed to be in the biggest fight of your life and you’re dealing with this stuff. It’s not fair.” Despite these tribulations, Hearn remains confident that Benn will come out on the other side, ready to get back into the ring once cleared.

Full Interview with Eddie Hearn and Seconds Out

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