Haye Reveals Derek Chisora Knew Dillian Whyte Would Fail Drug Test

Haye Reveals Derek Chisora Knew Dillian Whyte Would Fail Drug Test

In a stunning revelation, former heavyweight champion David Haye disclosed that Derek Chisora knew of the Dillian Whyte doping controversy weeks in advance. The unexpected revelation came during an exclusive interview with Seconds Out, where Haye shared that Chisora called him a week before the official news about Whyte’s positive drug test.

Derek Chisora Knew Dillian Whyte Would Fail Drug Test

“Derek told me a week ago that Dillian’s gonna fail a drug test,” Haye revealed during the video interview. Chisora’s uncannily accurate prediction added a twist to the unfolding controversy in the boxing world.

The anticipation of Whyte’s downfall wasn’t the only surprise Chisora had up his sleeve. According to Haye, Chisora has been quietly preparing for a fight with Anthony Joshua, known commonly as AJ, while the public attention was focused on the now-cancelled Joshua-Whyte match.

“He’s telling me he’s fighting AJ a week ago,” Haye shared. Chisora’s rigorous training regime, involving the same team that prepared him for his bout against Oleksandr Usyk, suggested a level of preparation for a possible match against AJ.

Haye also revealed his cautious stance on Whyte’s drug test controversy. “Innocent until proven guilty,” Haye said, expressing the importance of withholding judgement until all the evidence is examined. This was an echo of recent events surrounding Conor Benn, who was also implicated in a doping scandal but was later exonerated.

Though the speculation about the potential match-up between AJ and Chisora is yet to be confirmed, Haye expressed confidence in Chisora’s readiness for the challenge. “Derek’s been preparing for this fight…he knows what is in store and he’s ready for Saturday night,” Haye concluded.

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