Father and Trainer of World Champion DISMISSES Conor Benn Fight

Father and Trainer of World Champion DISMISSES Conor Benn Fight

In a recent interview with Boxing News, Bozy Ennis, the father and trainer of newly elevated IBF world champion Jaron Ennis, shared his candid thoughts on the potential contenders in the welterweight division. While the boxing world scrambles with talks of matchups with top-tier fighters like Terence Crawford and Errol Spence, Bozy Ennis had a clear perspective on where British fighter Conor Benn stands in this mix.

Responding to a question about a potential fight with Conor Benn, who has publicly called out Jaron Ennis, Bozy was dismissive of the British fighter’s current standing. “Conor Benn is not even ranked in the top 15,” Bozy Ennis stated, emphasizing the gap between Benn’s position and the elite circle of welterweight fighters. He further questioned the merit of a potential fight with Benn, saying, “He’s ranked number 19 man, and what good is us fighting him? He doesn’t have anything. What does he have?”

Jaron Ennis vs Conor Benn Not Likely

Bozy’s comments reflect a strategic focus on higher-ranked, more recognizable opponents in the 147lbs division. He listed Eimantas Stanionis, Keith Thurman, and Mario Barrios as notable contenders, underscoring his ambition for Jaron to “clean out the 147lbs” division. This strategic focus on top-tier fighters seems to sideline Benn, whom Bozy pointed out is less known in the U.S., especially in Philly, where the Ennis family is based. “He’s known over in the UK, nobody really in Philly knows him,” he added, but this raises the question of whether Conor Benn is globally more well-known than Jaron Ennis.

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With Terence Crawford and Errol Spence likely heading towards a high-profile rematch, the question arises: who will Jaron Ennis face next? The names Bozy Ennis mentioned – Stanionis, Thurman, and Barrios – could provide intriguing matchups, but so would Conor Benn.

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