Carl Froch defends Tyson Fury

Carl Froch DEFENDS Tyson Fury after Drunk Video Goes Viral

Carl Froch has recently come out in defence of Tyson Fury after a recent viral video emerged of Fury drunk in Morecambe. Many fans have questioned Fury’s mindset after watching the video, and fear his loss to Usyk may set him on a similar downward slope to that post-Klitschko. Carl Froch, however, doesn’t read much into it, and defends the Morecambe man.

Tyson Fury suffered his first career defeat in Saudi Arabia against Oleksandr Usyk, for the undisputed heavyweight championship. Though many fans saw it as a close fight, most agree Usyk was the rightful winner, almost stopping ‘The Gypsy King’ in the ninth round, with Fury lucky to have not had the fight stopped.

The fight reportedly generated upwards of $50 million in PPV revenue, from over 1.5 million buys.

A recent video has been shared on Twitter, and has quickly gone viral. The video depicts a drunk Tyson Fury ambling out of a pub in Morecambe, with the assistance of security, he is then seen on the floor outside the establishment.

With Fury being known for his descent into substance abuse and mental illness following his win against Vladimir Klitschko in 2015, some are concerned that Fury is not taking his first loss well. With Usyk potentially being stripped of the IBF belt, making the last fight Fury’s one-and-only chance of winning the undisputed title, it is clear to see why Fury might be upset following the defeat.

Carl Froch Defends Fury

In a video on his YouTube channel, ‘Froch on Fighting’, Carl ‘The Cobra’ Froch comes to Fury’s defence, saying, ‘it’s not a big deal, he’s a big lump, the person who got their phone out should be ashamed of themselves.’

Carl Froch DEFENDS Tyson Fury after Drunk Video Goes Viral
Carl Froch slams person behind Fury video, defends Fury’s behaviour

Carl Froch said ‘he’ll be devastated with a loss’, ‘he should be gutted with the loss cause he’s passionate about the sport, but hopefully he’s fine’.

Froch chalks the video up to this – ‘he’s had too much to drink, we’ve all been there […] he’s gone out, had a few beverages, had a good time, and some tw*t has filmed him’.

He ends on the topic saying ‘I hope he’s fine’, and ‘I think he’ll be fine, he’s a big boy’.

Carl Froch has previously had some choice words for the Fury’s, especially Tyson’s father, John, whom Froch has had much back-and-forth with and criticism of, especially after his headbutt incident in the build-up to the Usyk bout.

Tyson Fury has since taken to social media himself to show he remains in training, and is preparing to take back his belts at the end of the year.

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