Update On Randy Orton’s WWE Contract Status

Update On Randy Orton’s WWE Contract Status

Randy Orton returned to WWE at Survivor Series as a part of the War Games main event match. Since then, he’s wrestled Dominik Mysterio on RAW, then went to SmackDown and officially signed with the brand, as he was a “free agent” upon his return. Well, if you’ve been enjoying Randy back in WWE so far, you may be seeing him stick around for a while. 

Randy Orton’s Contract Status

Before Randy was injured over a year ago, there were questions surrounding his WWE contract expiring and if he would re-sign or not. Orton signed a 5-year extension with WWE back in 2019, which would see his contract end in 2024. Well, Fightful Select has reported that may not be the case now. Per Fightful Select; “Orton publicly teased free agency for the first time in 2019, before signing a new five-year contract with WWE at a time when the company mass-signed a ton of talent to long-term deals. However, one WWE higher up said that they “would be surprised” if WWE did not end up extending his current deal.”

The report continued; “Orton’s original deal went at least until Fall of 2024, which would put him at about a year remaining. However, after missing nearly 18 months, WWE sources indicated there’s a distinct possibility that WWE could add “injury time” to Orton’s deal that would have him in the company until 2026. While one higher up told us that they expect this to happen, it exists as a probability, and we haven’t confirmed that it’s happened as of yet.”

“There had been some instances where injured WWE talent didn’t have time added because they worked in other roles or on other projects. We were told that didn’t appear to be the case with Orton, though it would be evaluated.”

Randy Orton was out and away from WWE for over a year, which could extend his contract with the company, but, that’s not 100% confirmed as of now, and his contract could end in 2024 if no time was added. Orton looks in phenomenal shape upon his return and signaled to the crowd he has at least 10 more years in him, so if his contract is up in 2024 with no extended time, it’s likely he would just re-sign anyway.

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From: Brady Alexander

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