Triple H Responds To Logan Paul’s SummerSlam Tease

Triple H Responds To Logan Paul’s SummerSlam Tease

SummerSlam is headed to Cleveland, Ohio this August and it’s looking like it’s going to be a massive event, Logan Paul announced today on his IMPAULSIVE podcast. 

Triple H Responds To Logan Paul Wanting To Headline SummerSlam

During the show, Logan Paul teased going up against former Cleveland Cavaliers and current Los Angeles Lakers megastar, Lebron James. Having Lebron, the NBA’s biggest superstar apart of WWE’s biggest party of the summer would be massive, but in a match with Logan Paul? Even bigger. 

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But, WWE’s Triple H responded to the idea saying that WWE does have big plans for SummerSlam this year, but they may need to iron out the details as far as Logan vs LeBron goes. 

Logan Paul will definitely be on the SummerSlam card come August 3, 2024, but would you like to see NBA superstar Lebron James involved as well?

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