Tony Khan’s Offer To Jade Cargill Revealed

Tony Khan’s Offer To Jade Cargill Revealed

Jade Cargill is now signed with WWE. But, before going to the company, she had some contract negotiations to possibly stay with AEW. Tony Khan spoke about this on the WrestleDream post-show scrum.

Jade Cargill’s Offer Revealed

Tony Khan mentioned on the scrum that he is a big fan of Jade and he tried to keep Jade Cargill in AEW, even offering her more than she was asking for in order to stay with the company. After speaking with sources, NoSmokeSport can confirm that the offer was nearly two million dollars to stay with All Elite Wrestling, but, obviously, Jade didn’t take it.

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While it’s unknown what her WWE contract is worth, turning down nearly two million dollars leads us to believe it isn’t just about the money for Cargill. She has been talking during interviews about how she feels like WWE is a big stage that will help her shine. So, Jade Cargill becoming the biggest name possible seems more important than what money could offer.

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Jade Cargill has yet to officially debut in WWE, but they have mentioned her signing on both SmackDown and RAW. WWE is touting her as the hottest free agent signing in years and so far, they’re treating her like a megastar. As of now, we don’t know exactly when she will make her first on-screen appearance, but many predict it’ll be sooner rather than later.

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