Shelton Benjamin: 'My Door's Open' In Regards To An AEW Run

Shelton Benjamin: ‘My Door’s Open’ In Regards To An AEW Run

Shelton Benjamin hasn’t been seen much since his WWE release back in September, but he’s not done yet. There is potential that we see the former multi-time champion in an All Elite Wrestling ring and join the AEW roster.

Shelton Benjamin AEW Bound?

Shelton Benjamin has wrestled all around the world and in multiple different promotions, such as WWE, ROH and NJPW. But, as of now, he has not worked with AEW, though that could change. Shelton sat down with Jamal Niaz at For The Love of Wrestling (via Monopoly Events), where he was asked whether there were some competitors on the AEW roster that he wanted to face.

“Okada, while I worked alongside him in New Japan, we never actually had a match. So I would love to work with Okada. Obviously, I would love to work with Will Ospreay because I think that guy’s phenomenal. I’ve been watching him for years.”

People call me athletic, but he does stuff that I couldn’t even, it would put me in traction if I even tried some of the moves he does, but I would love to work with him. I think it could be a lot of fun. So those names are at the top of my list. But obviously, I mean, I enjoy what I do, I love what I do, and I can pretty much mesh with anybody, so it’s just a matter of what they think. But as far as AEW goes, that door’s open. My door is open. I haven’t eliminated any possibilities as of yet,”

When asked about whether AEW All In at Wembley Stadium was potentially on his radar, Benjamin said that it could be, but the ball was in AEW’s court; “It could be. Again, the ball’s really in their court. But like I said, it’s pro wrestling, so you never know what’s gonna happen,”

The gold standard in an AEW ring would be something that many fans would be excited for. Despite his age, Shelton Benjamin can still go in the ring at a high level and surely he’s willing to prove that.

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