Roman Reigns Not Scheduled For WWE Elimination Chamber, The Rock To Headline WrestleMania?

Roman Reigns Not Scheduled For WWE Elimination Chamber

Roman Reigns is one of the longest reigning champions in WWE history. He’s on a run that feels like no one can stop him. But, when the Tribal Chief goes up against his own blood from before him, will he be able to conquer the man that laid down the path for him? 

Roman Reigns Off WWE Elimination Chamber

Many rumors swirled in the past few weeks since The Rock has made his return to WWE SmackDown three months ago. Will The Rock face Roman Reigns for the gold? It seems very likely. But, the time and place has been up in the air. WWE is planning on doing one of their biggest non-WrestleMania events ever in Australia for Elimination Chamber on February 24th. The Opus Stadium in Perth, Australia holds over 60,000 people for the event and WWE is looking to make it a huge show. This was the basis for rumors that The Rock vs. Roman Reigns could happen at the Elimination Chamber event, a match that would surely sell out that capacity for a non-WrestleMania show. But, maybe that’s not likely now. 

The Rock showed up on RAW on January 1st and hinted huge at a match with Roman Reigns when he asked the crowd if he should “sit at the head of the table”, making a slick jab at Roman’s catchphrase. This only fueled the Elimination Chamber rumors. But, now, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observe Newsletter came out today on WON and dropped a potential bombshell. Dave reported; “The rumours of The Rock vs Roman Reigns being on the Australia PLE (Elimination Chamber) aren’t accurate. Roman Reigns is not even scheduled for the show. He’s never been advertised and there are no plans for him for that date right now.” 

With this news, if Roman Reigns continues to not be scheduled for Elimination Chamber, it only makes sense that The Rock vs. Roman Reigns could take place at WrestleMania, in the main event of either Night One or Night Two. While the fans seem split on the idea of this match headlining WrestleMania, it only makes sense that this huge matchup happens on the grandest stage. If this is the case, it certainly brings up questions of whether or not Cody Rhodes or CM Punk could headline the other night of WrestleMania. It seemed primed that Cody would main event night two and “finish his story”, while CM Punk and Seth Rollins would finally clash at night one. With The Rock now throwing a wrench into those plans, it’ll be interesting to see how WWE sets up the WrestleMania 40 card. One thing is for certain, though, this year’s WrestleMania is going to be massive. 

From: Brady Alexander

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