Ring Of Honor Results - August 10, 2023

Ring Of Honor Results – August 10, 2023

Ring Of Honor is back for the twenty fourth episode on HonorClub. Tonight’s show is action packed including The WorkHorsemen taking on the Gates Of Agony in a contenders match, Lee Moriarty in singles action and the return of Billie Starkz on ROH TV. Plus, in the Main Event, we have the continuation of the ROH TV Title tournament when Shane Taylor and Gravity face off. 

Our main event is the finals of the ROH TV Championship tournament. We’ve seen matches for this tournament throughout the past few weeks and now Shane Taylor battles Gravity in the finals. 

Certainly a mix of styles here as the high flying Gravity tries to out-speed the big man powerhouse, Shane Taylor. Early on, the speed and taunting of Gravity was showing, basically playing a cat and mouse game with Shane. But, Taylor had enough and just started to bring the fight to the luchador. 

Shane had the luchador off his feet for a little while, but Gravity started to fight back, he was trying to get a sneaky pin on Shane, but he couldn’t fully succeed. Taylor shut that down fast. But, when Shane Taylor tried to play his opponents game and go to the top rope, Gravity was able to reverse it and Samoan drop the big man off the top!

Gravity tried to follow up with a big splash, but Shane Taylor got the knees up. Taylor followed it up with a package piledriver and picked up the win. 

Shane Taylor is now the new number one contender for Samoa Joe’s ROH Television Championship, to which Taylor promised to knock Joe out as he screamed “bring me Joe!” To end the episode. 

You can see full results from tonight’s Ring Of Honor episode below

Ring Of Honor Results

  • Dalton Castle defeats Slim J
  • Iron Savages defeat Lucky Ali & Brady Pierce
  • The Infantry defeat Zicky Dice & Movie Myk
  • Lee Moriarty defeats Andrew Everett
  • Tony Nese defeats Pat Buck
  • Athena defeats Rachael Ellering
  • Gates Of Agony defeat The WorkHorsemen
  • Leyla Hirsch defeats Angelica Risk
  • Cole Carter defeats Rhett Titus
  • Billie Starkz defeats Robyn Renegade

By: Brady Alexander

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