MJF Wants Seven Figures To Re-Sign With AEW

MJF Wants Seven Figures To Re-Sign With AEW

MJF and the bidding war of 2024 has been a topic of conversation for a long while this year as his contract sets to expire in 2024. Now, he revealed what it would take for him to re-sign to the company. 

The current AEW World Champion is set to defend his title this Sunday against Adam Cole in the main event of AEW All In, which takes place in Wembley Stadium in London England. Before the event, MJF and Adam Cole did some media where they showed up to First We Feast’s ‘Truth or Dab’ YouTube show. The show consists of a lineup of spicy wins, and if you cannot answer the spicy question, you must eat the wing. 

MJF Wants Seven Figures

MJF made it very clear he didn’t like spicy food, so when he was asked about his contract status and what it would take to re-sign with AEW, he quickly answered with no problem. “January 1st, 2024.” He said about when his contract expires. “They better back up the goddamn brinks truck, okay pal? Realistically, I know that there’s a lot of money that’s going to be thrown my way from both sides. I’m not accepting anything under seven figures. I won’t even make eye contact with a contract that’s under seven figures.” 

MJF made it very clear that if AEW wants to re-sign him, or WWE wants to pick him up, they better get ready to pay big money for the current champion when January 1st rolls around. 

But, before MJF has to worry about his contract expiration date, he has to worry about AEW All In, where he kicks off the night challenging for the ROH Tag Team Titles with Adam Cole against Aussie Open, then ending the night in the main event defending his AEW World Championship against his own tag partner, Adam Cole. 

Main eventing the biggest wrestling show of all time with more than 80,000 fans packed into a stadium is a big deal, and one that could help his case come contract season.

From: Brady Alexander

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