CM Punk Expected To Be On 11/27 WWE RAW

CM Punk Expected To Be On 11/27 WWE RAW

CM Punk is back in WWE following his shocking return to Survivor Series last night following the conclusion of the men’s War Games main event. Now, it looks like he will be on Raw this Monday, November 27.

CM Punk To Be On RAW

Fightful Select has reported that CM Punk is expected to be on Monday Night RAW tomorrow in Nashville, Tennessee. It was mentioned that there were talks of Punk being a “free agent” but his is scheduled for tomorrow’s RAW. With this, most of RAW was already planned and things will be re-wrote to fit CM Punk into the show.

CM Punk could still be a free agent and show p on SmackDown as well, allowing his RAW appearance, but only time will tell. As for a deal, no exact time is said, but Fightful reported CM Punk signed a “Multi-Year Deal” with WWE. The last time CM Punk was on RAW was in 2014, nearly 10 years ago. Now, he’s back. Many questions have risen in the past few hours on who Punk will feud with first, but after Seth Rollins had a polarizing reaction to Punk returning, many want to see that feud play out. We’ll hear from CM Punk this Monday on USA Network at 8/7c.

In an update, WWE has now confirmed both CM Punk and Randy Orton will be on WWE RAW this Monday in Nashville.

From: Brady Alexander

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