CM Punk In Good Spirits Backstage At RAW, Positive Feedback

CM Punk In Good Spirits Backstage At RAW, Positive Feedback

CM Punk is back in WWE and so far, everything has been good. He was briefly backstage at Survivor Series for a short amount of time as he was hidden to keep the surprise. But, on Monday’s RAW, CM Punk was backstage the entire night and interacting with his co-workers. 

CM Punk With Positive Vibes At RAW

Fightful Select reported that backstage, CM Punk was in good spirits and everything went well, saying; “While we weren’t able to get anyone to admit they kissed him on the mouth, we’re told that CM Punk was seemingly in good spirits, and seemed happy to be around. He spent much of the day getting photographed, both officially, and even with some other talent, and actually took some pictures with a few fans after the show backstage. Those that we heard from said he was on his best behavior as anticipated, and with good reason – some in WWE were told by higher ups that there is a behavior clause associated with his contract, which we’ve yet to confirm.” 

Following his promo on RAW, CM Punk had a little bit of a celebration when the cameras went off, and some took that as a victory lap taking shots at the Young Bucks, who did the same when Punk left AEW, but it seems that wasn’t the case as Fightful noted; “Speaking of, Haus of Wrestling reported this week that Punk was not “taking a victory lap” at the end of WWE Raw as a shot at the Young Bucks, as many suggested. We’re told that is accurate and at least according to WWE, he’s looking to move past the situation.” 

As of now, CM Punk has not been announced for SmackDown, and is only on RAW but he is still being listed as a ‘Free Agent’ on the roster rundown. Punk did finish off the night on Monday with a promo where he said everyone was happy to see him, which may have had a little bit of sarcasm, Fightful reports; “Internally, Punk is listed as a free agent as of now. There was no producer listed for his segment on WWE Raw, which had some time cut from it because of Randy Orton vs. Dominik Mysterio going long. One source backstage said that his reaction to that appeared to be fine. Another wouldn’t outright claim it was scripted, but knew the direction of the promo, and no shots at AEW were expected. There were several that went against the “everyone is happy I’m here,” line, which they said may have been tongue in cheek.”

So far so good with CM Punk in WWE. And if he means what he says about leaving the past in the past, there may not be any issues surrounding CM Punk this time in WWE. Fingers crossed. 

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From: Brady Alexander

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