Kalle Sauerland Gives His Position On Conor Benn vs Chris Eubank Jr

Kalle Sauerland Gives His Position On Conor Benn vs Chris Eubank Jr

The much-anticipated boxing match between Conor Benn vs Chris Eubank Jr. remains shrouded in uncertainty, with recent developments adding to the intrigue. Amidst the backdrop of Benn’s failed drug tests, Robert Smith, General Secretary of the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC), and Kalle Sauerland, promoter for Eubank Jr., have made significant remarks shedding light on the bout’s status in an interview with iFL TV.

Robert Smith previously underscored the necessity of a thorough investigation following Benn’s failed tests, stating, “The board feel any athlete who has failed a drug test needs to go through an investigation with the proper authorities.” He clarified that the BBBofC had not caused any delays in this process. This stance was further solidified when Smith revealed, “We have had an application for [Benn] to box in this country that has been refused.”

Will Conor Benn vs Chris Eubank Jr Happen

In a new twist, Kalle Sauerland, in a recent interview, spoke candidly about the ongoing negotiations for the fight. “They both want to do the fight. We’re trying to make that deal,” Sauerland said, highlighting both fighters’ willingness. However, he acknowledged the absence of a finalized deal: “If there was a deal, it would’ve been announced already so clearly there’s not a deal. We’re working on that…They’re both in camp.”

Sauerland also addressed the BBBofC’s refusal, suggesting alternative pathways to make the fight happen. “We have to have a deal in place and then we’ll hopefully be able to speak to the board and see if there’s a solution to be found. If not, then there’s of course other boards you can operate with,” he explained, indicating a readiness to explore other sanctioning bodies.

Most crucially, Sauerland emphasized the legality of any potential options. “If the deal gets done, the fight will get done. How we get the fight done? There are lots of legal options. They’re not illegal options, they’re legal options. It would be a licenced fight in the United Kingdom,” he assured, ensuring that the fight, if it proceeds, will comply with UK regulations.