AEW Streaming Deal Set With MAX

AEW Streaming Deal Set With MAX

AEW is headed to MAX, formerly known as HBO Max for the companies brand new streaming platform deal that will play host to All Elite Wrestling Pay-Per-Views and content.

AEW Streaming Coming To MAX

First reported by Andrew Zarian of Wrestling Observer, he revealed that AEW is headed to MAX for a streaming deal. Though there was no insight on a pricing situation, he did confirm that the company will be streaming on MAX come 2024, and even possibly as soon as December of this year, starting with that months Pay-Per-View, which a date is currently unknown.

Zarian went on to note that AEW Full Gear, which is set for November 18th, is the final Pay-Per-View listed on the Joe Hand Promotions, which is the current Pay-Per-View provider for venues. Many fans have been speculating when they would be headed to a streaming service, seeing as that’s how most sports and even other wrestling companies like WWE with Peacock, are these days. MAX and AEW are both under the Warner Brothers Discovery banner, so it makes sense for All Elite Wrestling to make MAX their home.

Finally, fans won’t have to shell out at fifty dollar a month price tag for AEW Pay-Per-Views anymore, with a (seemingly) cheaper subscription for MAX. Plus, with added bonuses of other content and a backlog of previous events, fans will be excited when All Elite Wrestling finally lands on MAX in the coming months.

From: Brady Alexander

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