Popular UFC Bet Types New Bettors Should Be Aware of

Popular UFC Bet Types New Bettors Should Be Aware Of

Here’s a deep dive in to the Popular UFC Bet Types. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the biggest combat sports promoter organizations in the world. Widely considered responsible for the popularization of mixed martial arts, the UFC has tons of fans and dedicated followers from across the globe. Of course, many of them are also notable bettors.

But, as the popularity of the UFC, and MMA in general, grows, there are a ton of people who are new to the sport. That means, there are also a lot of people who are new to UFC odds, and just online betting in general. Those people may not know that there are a ton of different options for betting on MMA.

Popular UFC Bet Types

The Basic Wager

The most common and popular bet type is the basic wager, or the money line bet. What this means is that a punter puts down some cash on the fighter that they think will take home the win. Basic wagers are often called “Match Bets” or “To Win Bets” as well, for obvious reasons.

What makes these kinds of bets so popular is the fact that they are simple, and require little knowledge of the sport. All you really need to know is who the participating fighters are, and what the bookies have to say about each of the fighters’ odds. Of course, understanding how sports betting odds work in the first place is a must here.

Method of Victory

Anyone who has watched a couple of MMA or boxing matches understands that a fighter can win in different ways. The most popular and recognizable way that we are all aware of is the knock out. This occurs when one fighter hits the other so hard, that their opponent passes out.

However, a K.O. is not the only method of victory in a regulated combat sport. There is the technical knockout (TKO), the point victory, or simply throwing in the towel. A lot of bookies have decided to make odds based on how a fight would end. It is an interesting bet, however, not recommended for newbies.

Round of Victory

In UFC, fights tend to last either three or five rounds. Regular matches go for three, whereas championship matches go for five. Sometimes, a fighter can get KO’d in the first round, while other times, both fighters go all the way. For some, it is fun to bet on how long the fight will last.

A lot of sportsbooks give the fans what they want. So, a round of victory bet refers to how long a fight will last, and in which round will it end. If the fighters go all the way, and the winner is determined by points, that is considered as the match ending in the last round.

Prop Bets

Finally, like all sports betting, UFC betting also features prop bets, or proposition bets. The concept is very simple; a bettor wagers on a certain proposition made by the bookie. For example; Fighter A will throw a certain amount of strikes, and how many will land.

There are so many different prop bets, that listing them all here would be an impossible task. But, any bookie that covers the UFC will undoubtedly feature some truly fascinating prop bets, that are worth checking out.

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