Takafumi Horie expressing criticism of the DAZN price increase in Japan

Takafumi Horie Criticizes DAZN Price Increase In Japan

Japanese businessman Takafumi Horie, popularly known as Horiemon, recently expressed his views on the latest update from the video distribution service DAZN. As of February 14th, DAZN has increased the prices of its monthly plans, a move that has elicited strong reactions from soccer fans across Japan.

Horiemon’s Take on The DAZN Price Increase

In a detailed commentary, Horie attached an article highlighting the price changes, where the monthly plan saw an increase from 3,700 yen to 4,200 yen. He sarcastically remarked, “Just a 500 yen monthly price increase is the limit lol. You should reconsider your cell phone bill lol.”

Horie further elaborated on the lack of clear communication from DAZN regarding the reasons behind the price hike. He believes that if DAZN had provided a justifiable reason for the increase, it might have swayed some users’ opinions. However, he also added, “They’re not making a profit, so they’re bound to raise prices, lol. Is there any need to go out of their way to say something so obvious? You idiot.”

Impact on J.League and Club Management

In another insightful post, Horie touched upon the financial aspects of the J.League and its clubs. He pointed out that the broadcasting rights fees from DAZN aren’t substantial, thereby affecting the dividends received by clubs, especially those in the J2 league.

Horie criticized both the fans protesting the 500 yen increase and the J.League’s marketing approach, stating, “It’s also the fault of the J.League, which has only been marketing to Japanese people who are relatively poor.”

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