The REAL Reason Why Conor McGregor Is Returning To The UFC

The REAL Reason Why Conor McGregor Is Returning To The UFC

Conor McGregor pulling the wool over fans’ eyes – just wants an influencer boxing cash grab

Conor McGregor is confirmed to be making his return to the Octagon, for the first time since the Pandemic against Michael Chandler for UFC 296.

The recent antics of McGregor are not indicative of a man who is a primed athlete ready to go 5 gruelling rounds.

Fight fans will have all witnessed the near-farcical parade of his Forged Irish stout, which roped in the IBF bantamweight world champion, Ebanie Bridges as a promo girl and saw Anthony Joshua handed a glass of stout by Conor McGregor after his knockout win, raising more than a few eyebrows.

Put simply, this can only mean one thing. McGregor wants another influencer boxing bout.

It’s clear that the financial rewards enticing McGregor back into competitive combat sports action are not the dollars that will come from a fight with Michael Chandler.

McGregor called out KSI and made some unfunny, pre-planned jokes about the YouTube sensation not being able ‘to box eggs, even if he worked in an egg-boxing factory.’

Last week, a Misfits showdown with KSI seemed a real prospect when McGregor had a name card on the press conference table.

He did not end up showing, but it seems inevitable that McGregor won’t be able to pass up the marketing opportunity that will come with building up Dillon Danis’ fight with Logan Paul.

McGregor is made for the Misfits world, but should KSI lose to Tommy Fury, fights with Logan and Jake Paul, even Fury himself, are all money-spinning operations for the McGregor brand.

To me, he’s pulling the wool over UFC fans’ eyes with his fight with Chandler. He sees that other people are raking it in, and he wants to earn Mayweather money once more.

The prospect of McGregor fighting KSI, a Paul brother, a Tommy Fury is tantalising. It is also likely to incur collateral damage on the traditional combat sports world.

The Anthony Joshua s**ts***w was not a pretty watch. It felt inauthentic and a not well-disguised move to promote McGregor’s brand.

Yes, he was the sponsor of the event. But, he was spoken to before one of the combatants in the main event – something that doesn’t sit well.

The blurred lines between real sport and influencer boxing are continuing to blind the eyes of true sports fans. It should be separate.

McGregor has no intention of making it a star in the UFC world once more, he’s just looking for the next easy cash grab. And what’s worse, we know this – yet we will watch all the same.

By Harry Duffy

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