Vitor Belfort Issues Challenge to Jake Paul for PFL Debut Fight

Vitor Belfort Issues Challenge to Jake Paul for PFL Debut Fight

Vitor Belfort has issued a challenge to Jake Paul for a fight in the Professional Fighters League (PFL). Belfort believes that Jake Paul is just a businessman and YouTuber and wants to prove it by facing him in the ring.

Jake Paul recently signed a contract with the PFL for a significant sum of money, and Vitor Belfort believes it is time for him to face a real fighter.

In an interview, Belfort stated that the first opponent for Paul in the professional fighting league must be someone who is a real fighter, not someone chosen for convenience. He pointed out that despite Jake Paul’s win over Anderson Silva, he has not fought many legends in the sport.

Vitor Belfort Challenges Jake Paul

Belfort wants to be the first to give Jake Paul a true test and be his first nightmare in the PFL.

Belfort is a former UFC champion and believes that a victory against Paul would be a significant win for the Professional Fighters League, as well as making the promoter, Don Davis, very happy. Belfort has summoned the promoter to schedule the duel and has given Jake Paul no choice but to fight.

Belfort acknowledged that Jake l is good at closing deals, but as a fighter, he is a different story. He also stated that Jake Paul should receive $10 million from the Professional Fighters League to promote the brand and carry out professional MMA fights.

The challenge has been issued, and it remains to be seen if Paul will accept.

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