Kevin Holland Says He Isn't Worried About A UFC Championship

Kevin Holland Says He Isn’t Worried About A UFC Championship

Kevin Holland isn’t looking for UFC gold. Coming from a fighter, this may seem odd, considering everyone in the sport is there to be the best and get to the top of the mountain, which in most cases is being champion. But, not for Kevin Holland, as he claimed at the Noche UFC media day.

Kevin Holland Doesn’t Care To Be UFC Champion

This Saturday at UFC Noche, Kevin Holland is set to face Jack Della Maddalena in the co-main event. The bout between #13 and #14 in the Welterweight division seems like a big fight to possibly catapult one of them to title contention. But, maybe not for Holland. During the media junket, Kevin Holland was asked by a reporter about his thoughts on the belt not being active at this time at 170 pounds. Kevin Holland replied; “You know, it really doesn’t bother me.Im not really the guy looking for a belt. I’m looking to stay active, I’m looking to fight anybody and everybody, you know what I mean? And it’s like, uh, I like how I get paid and the way I get paid is to show up and win fights. I show up, win fights, do the contract, assassinate the person in front of me, collect my checks and go on to the next one. So, I just look forward to keep fighting. Fight as much as possible. I don’t concern myself with belts whatsoever. Guys are fighting for a title, they’re no longer in my vision anymore, my glasses can’t see them.”

The reporter then continued on to ask why Kevin isn’t focused on a championship, to which Kevin Holland cut him off and snapped back; “Why are you guys so focused on the f-cking belt all the time? Excuse my language, but why are you so focused on the belt? I just told you I’m not worried about the belt, then you go back and repeat, ask me about the belt. I’m not worried about the belt! Why are you so worried about the belt? You don’t even fight for a living, why are you so worried about the belt?” the reporter replied saying he isn’t a fighter and he’s not worried, to which Holland says; “I’m not worried about it either, why are you so worried about it? I’m not worried about it, that’s the ultimate answer you need, I’m not worried about it, why are you so worried about it?”

The reporter then retorts that since Kevin Holland has said he wants the big pay days and the pay-per-view points, you would assume he would want the championship. “Maybe I’m already getting pay-per-view points, you don’t know right? true.” Kevin says. I guess it’s safe to say we won’t see Kevin Holland fighting in the Championship picture anytime soon. But, you can catch him this Saturday at Noche UFC on ESPN+ starting at 7PM ET.

From: Brady Alexander

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