Jake Paul MMA Debut With PFL In 2023 Or 2024

Details On Jake Paul MMA Debut With PFL In 2023 Or 2024

Jake Paul, a YouTuber turned boxer, has signed with MMA promotion company, PFL. The contract details reveal that he will make his MMA debut in the new ‘super-fight’ division, which is separate from the league format and is broadcasted exclusively through pay-per-view. The 26-year-old Paul is currently serving as the head of fighter advocacy for the promotion.

The launch of PFL’s European league is being overseen by the Senior Vice-president James Frewin, who confirmed that it’s in Paul’s contract to fight in the PFL Smart Cage, although the exact time and place have yet to be confirmed. The international expansion plan is a big part of PFL’s strategy and it’s possible that Paul may fight in the UK or somewhere outside the US.

Paul has a wrestling background from high school and has recently started jiu-jitsu training under black belt Mike Perez in preparation for his MMA debut. The PFL is aiming to become MMA’s second-largest promotion, behind the UFC, and its global expansion plan attracted Paul to join the league.

According to Frewin, Paul was attracted to the PFL because of its commitment to being a professional and treating fighters well, including offering competitive pay. The launch of the pay-per-view super fight division is seen as a perfect opportunity for Paul to not only voice support for the PFL, but also to increase the popularity of MMA.

Jake Paul MMA Debut

According to James Frewin, Senior Vice President of PFL, Jake Paul is obliged to compete in the promotion’s ‘super-fight’ division as part of his contract with the company. The ‘super-fight’ division is separate from the regular league format and will air exclusively on pay-per-view. Paul, who is 26 years old and known for his YouTube channel, signed a deal with PFL last month and has also taken on the role of head of fighter advocacy for the promotion. Frewin stated that the exact date of Paul’s MMA debut in the PFL is yet to be confirmed, but it will either be at the end of 2023 or some time in 2024.

A well as his wrestling from his high school days he has recently started his jiu-jitsu training with black belt Mike Perez as he prepares for his MMA debut. PFL is aiming to become the second-largest MMA promotion after the UFC and Frewin believes that Paul was attracted to join PFL due to the company’s global expansion plan. Frewin stated that PFL is a great place to be for fighters, with the company taking care of their people and providing a true sports format.

In addition to his MMA debut, Paul is also set to fight Tommy Fury later this month, with the aim of setting up a contest with his rival KSI at the end of the year. Frewin stated that all options are on the table for Paul’s MMA debut, including the possibility of him competing in the UK or outside of the US. The PFL is expanding globally, with the launch of its European league in countries including the UK, France, Germany, and Ireland in December.

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