Jailton Almeida Responds To His Gameplan At UFC São Paulo

Jailton Almeida Responds To His Gameplan At UFC São Paulo

Jailton Almeida defeated Derrick Lewis via Unanimous Decision at Saturday’s UFC Fight Night even in São Paulo, Brazil. Many fans and fighters alike criticized the fight for being “boring” despite Almeida being dominant. Almeida had the gameplay to takedown Lewis and wrestle him every round to take away the standup game and power that Lewis has, and he did just that.

Jailton Almeida Reacts To UFC Victory

Following his win, Almeida had an interview following the event and spoke on his plan working just as he wanted it to, “It was a tough fight, I was surprised that he never backed down. Derrick fought all the way. Although he fought last minute, he really put on a good fight. But I managed to fight a good fight.” Despite the criticism, Jailton was happy with his performance; “I was happy with my performance, even though I didn’t knock him out, I’m ready for any fights. I’m ready to fight five rounds for any opponent.”

Almeida continued on; “The strategy was to control him on grappling, but he’s very strong, and his hand is twice as big as mine. My forearm is quite thin, and he was able to grab ahold my forearm and really control the blows that I was trying to give out. “I was surprised by my strength,” Almeida said. “Although Derrick Lewis was much heavier than me, I was able to throw him down and control. So I’m very happy with that.”

On the topic of next weekend’s interim Heavyweight Title bout, Jailton Almeida wants to watch live and even offers up his services as a backup if needed. “I’m going to ask [UFC CEO] Dana [White], give me a pair of tickets for me and my wife so we can go to New York, but yeah, I want to sit front row. I do want to watch the fight. Who knows, maybe I can be on reserve if they need me.”

Tom Aspinall and Sergei Pavlovich fight next weekend for the interim championship, but it seems as if Jailton Almeida will have his eyes on the fight.

From: Brady Alexander

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