Logan Paul Plans To Takeover WWE As United States Champion

Logan Paul Plans To Takeover WWE As United States Champion

Logan Paul defeated Rey Mysterio to become the new WWE United States Champion at this weekends Crown Jewel Premium Live Event in Saudi Arabia. Now, his duties as a WWE star have heightened.

Logan Paul Plans WWE Takeover

Logan Paul is a man of many hats. From WWE, to Boxing and even his own podcast, Logan is very busy. But now as WWE U.S. Champion, his responsibilities have only gone up. Logan sat down with Marc Raimondi of ESPN and teased more appearances now that he’s a champion. “I think I have to. I think I have to. You’re going to have to watch Raw, you’re going to have to watch SmackDown. I’m going to make some surprise appearances and show these wrestlers who is the real king,” 

Paul continued; “[Boxing Danis] was cake. That was barely a performance. I wouldn’t even call that a fight. [WWE Crown Jewel] was a fight. [WWE Crown Jewel] was harder. I’m winded. I feel like I really earned this. I see these comments online, ‘Logan Paul is spoonfed, silver spoon in his mouth. Everything has been given to him his whole life, he hasn’t earned it.’ I work harder than your simple minds could even comprehend. I do more in 12 hours than most people do in 12 months. My blueprint cannot be duplicated. My pace is unmatched. I’m not playing the same game as other people. I’ve beaten the matrix and I’m the architect. Mark my words, this is just the beginning. This belt is just the beginning of me taking over WWE. I’m not here to take part. I’m here to take over.”

Logan Paul is not currently announced for any other appearances as of this writing, but now as champion, he could show up on a weekly basis, though highly doubtful. We’ll have to wait and see what his schedule looks like in the coming weeks.

From: Brady Alexander

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