Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva Boxing Match Confirmed For June 15

Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva Boxing Match Confirmed For June 15

In a turn of events, former fan-favourite UFC star Chael Sonnen has announced on X that he will be Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva’s opponent for the June 15th bout in Brazil, marketed as ‘Spider’s Grand Finale’. A Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva Boxing match was probably the least expected milestone for fans of both men.

It was announced only yesterday that Silva’s opponent for the bout would be Hollywood actor, Terry Crews, though it has since transpired that this was a publicity stunt, and that the UFC’s ‘Bad Guy’ is the real opponent.

Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva Boxing Match?

Anderson Silva is no stranger to crossover boxing, having fought Jake Paul in October 2022, losing on points. This is why it was only mildly surprising that he and Terry Crews were set to fight, with the pair verbally agreeing to a match on social media.

‘The American Gangster’ Sonnen, now 47, has notably fought Anderson Silva twice before at UFC 117 and UFC 148, albeit in the cage, with Silva winning by submission in round 5 at UFC 117 after a dominant performance from Sonnen up until that point, and by KO in round 2 at UFC 148. Sonnen will be looking to right this wrong 12 years on next month, in what will be Silva’s homecoming fight. Their past bout was recently placed in the UFC Hall of Fame.

It is important to note that despite the name ‘Spider’s Grand Finale’, this is not going to be Silva’s last fight, despite turning 49 last year, but rather will be his last fight in his home country of Brazil. The bout will take place in Sao Paulo and will have only 600 guests in attendance.

What we do know is the contest will be five rounds of professional boxing at 216lbs/98kg with each round lasting two minutes. It will be interesting to see how, when the cage is swapped for the square ring, if there will be any difference in outcome between the two rivals.

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