"EMERGENCY WEIGHT CUT", Tommy Fury Desperately Needed Weight-Cutting Specialist 2 Weeks Before KSI Fight

“EMERGENCY WEIGHT CUT”, Tommy Fury Desperately Needed Weight-Cutting Specialist 2 Weeks Before KSI Fight

Tommy Fury scored a controversial decision win over Social Media sensation KSI in their DAZN PPV headliner yesterday at the sold-out AO Arena in Manchester,

Fury, who was deducted a point in round two for hitting behind the head, won 57-56 (4 rounds to 2) on all three of the judges’ scorecards – although it was incorrectly announced as a majority decision win for Fury.

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The fight was difficult to watch with minimal action. KSI was bouncing and attempting to land with overhand right whilst Fury was hesitant to initiate attacks. A lot of holding took place and the rounds were scrappy.

‘Robbery’ was the word used by the KSI team and DAZN CEO Joe Markowski. And although probably more people had KSI winning than the amount that had Fury winning, robbery it was not. A very close bout that could’ve gone either way.

Tommy Fury’s Disastrous Weight Cut

Fury almost didn’t enter the ring due to weight problems in his training camp, it has now been revealed.


“Tommy actually I think was at his all-time heaviest when he came into this camp”, Dominic Ingle told Boxing King Media, “I know there’s a lot of penalties involved on the weight loss. If he came in over so much, for every pound there was a charge on it”.

Fury’s bout with KSI had a 183-pound weight limit and it was widely reported that he would be fined 20% of his purse for every pound he was over the limit.

“They got to the point where they got some nutritionists involved and I don’t think they were happy the way the weight was going.”

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“2 weeks ago, they contacted Gregg (Marriott) and said we’re in a bit of dire straits here. We’re so much over the weight, we should be a lot further in front with the weight cut and we’re not.”

Marriott famously helped several Ingle fighters with difficult weight cuts including Kell Brook and Billy Joe Saunders.

“He had to kind of go in and do an emergency weight cut”

Fury successfully made the 183-pound limit. It was also revealed in the post-fight interview that Fury was injured in training camp which might’ve played a part in the struggles to make weight.

By Darshan Desai

Fury Image Credit: Reuters