Creator Clash 2 Standout Performances

Creator Clash 2: Standout Performances And Explosive Fights

Creator Clash 2: Standout Performances

After a night full of action packed fights on Creator Clash 2, as well as WWE-esque mid show fights between Crash Bandicoot and Cherdleys. There were some particular stand out performances that have left fans wanting more.

The first performance of the night that shocked fans was Myth’s first round TKO against Hundar Muscle Party. Myth, coming off of a win in the ‘Chess Boxing match’ he participated in last year, was ready to put on a great performance and he did exactly that. After showing far superior boxing skill with movement and jabbing, he scored a beautiful one-two to score a clean knockdown at the end of the first round. Hundar Muscle Party was retired in the corner due to a bicep injury shortly after.

The next standout performance of the night was from DAD. Although despite his round 1 win, people were discussing his ring entrance more than his actual fight, since it was something never seen before. DAD exploded from the arena ringwalk canopy and sprinted at full speed to the ring apron, flipped over the ropes then danced around the ring. Many fans online loved the entrance and found it highly entertaining. DAD went on to score a round 1 RTD (corner stoppage) victory over AB Starkilla.

Another standout performance of the night was John Hennigan’s brutal victory over Epic Meal Time. Hennigan’s win involved knocking Epic Meal Time through the ropes and onto the commentators desk, to then knocking him out in round 3 of their scheduled 5 round bout. Many online WWE fans enjoyed this bout specifically since Hennigan is a former WWE star. They went on to make memes and jokes about him knocking Epic Meal Time through the ropes which garnered a lot of attention during the show.

What’s next for these influencers?

After Creator Clash 2 ended, many fans began speculating when, where and even if we would see any of these influencers back in the ring. As well as if it would be on other influencer boxing promotions such as Misfits or Kingpyn. Or maybe even a third Creator Clash event. Myth has expressed further interest in continuing boxing in the influencer boxing scene. As well as DAD. Hennigan has not spoke out after his win on Creator Clash 2, although if an offer big enough was presented to him he would most likely take the opportunity.

With Misfits having six more shows already dated along with locations chosen for the rest of 2023, and Kingpyn to have 2 more shows for the second and third part of their tournament. There will be plenty of options open to these influencers for shows to fight on and promotional companies to sign with. On top of that, as mentioned previously a Creator Clash three could still be an option after the success of Creator Clash 2.

Could we see Creator Clash 3?

With a second successful creator clash last night, it may seem inevitable that we now get a third. Despite this second Creator Clash being surrounded by some controversy, the event was still a success on the night. The event seemingly being a sellout at its venue which was the 20,000 capacity Amalie Arena has proved that the event is now becoming a brand in itself.

This is great news for the creators, participants and the charities which the event sponsors since it is a charitable event and more views means more donation. Although the Pay-Per-View numbers are yet to be known, it can be expected that with the large amount of discussion online around the event, it did good business on that side of the revenue channels.

By Owen Yard

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